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Memphis Violent Crime Lawyer

Diligently Defending Clients Against Serious Criminal Charges

If you are accused of homicide, kidnapping, robbery or any other violent crime in Tennessee, it is important to consult with an experienced lawyer right away. Your attorney must act quickly to take all available opportunities to help you avoid serious criminal penalties.

Vicki M. Carriker is a Memphis violent crime attorney serving clients throughout Shelby County and beyond. With trial experience in both state and federal court, she is prepared to diligently defend clients who are accused of all types of violent offenses, including:

  • Murder (the premeditated or knowing killing of another person)
  • Manslaughter (the killing of another person after adequate provocation)
  • Vehicular homicide (the killing of another person through negligent or drunk driving)
  • Kidnapping (false imprisonment accompanied by a substantial risk of bodily injury)
  • Robbery (theft of property committed through the use or threat of violence)
  • Carjacking (theft of a vehicle with a deadly weapon or through force or intimidation)
  • Arson (knowingly and illegally damaging a structure through fire or explosion)
  • Burglary (breaking and entering for the purpose of committing a crime)
  • Domestic violence (assault, sexual assault or stalking in a domestic context)

Violent crime cases revolve around witness testimony and forensic evidence. Your attorney needs to evaluate the prosecution's evidence for weaknesses and, if necessary, independently investigate the facts of your case to establish your defense.

Ms. Carriker is prepared to take whatever steps are necessary to defend you against violent crime charges. Depending on the facts of your case, that may involve negotiating with the prosecutors and advocating for you at trial.

Bartlett Defense Attorney · Murder, Manslaughter, Kidnapping, Robbery

If you are charged with any type of violent crime, from simple assault to murder, Ms. Carriker can protect your rights and make sure you are treated fairly by the criminal justice system. To schedule a free consultation, please contact her office at 901-527-7755 or by e-mail.

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Vicki M. Carriker
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Phone: 901-527-7755
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