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Meet Vicki M. Carriker

Making one mistake shouldn’t affect your life for years. Yet, if you have been charged with a criminal offense, this can happen. Throughout Memphis, individuals struggling with criminal matters choose to represent themselves in court or retain a lawyer without conducting the appropriate research. When a criminal conviction threatens your personal freedoms and rights, you cannot afford to make a mistake with your legal representation.

I am Vicki M. Carriker, criminal defense attorney. For over 18 years, I have successfully advocated for my clients in Tennessee’s state, federal and appellate courts. I have the legal skill set you need and the commitment you want in an attorney. I recognize that the stakes are high in your criminal case, which is why I make it my job to minimize the effect your past mistake has on your future ambitions.

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Using My Experience To Obtain Favorable Results

Throughout my career, I have helped thousands of individuals address a range of criminal matters in court and in negotiations. These are a few of my recent client success stories:

  • State v. Eric Williams: Appellate counsel for First Degree Murder Conviction. The Tennessee Criminal Appellate Court found cumulative error and the case was reversed and remanded for a new trial.
  • State v. Michael Bonksy: Represented client as trial counsel. Successfully put forth a diminished capacity defense resulting in a conviction of a lesser-included charge of First Degree Murder. Represented client as appellate counsel and the Tennessee Criminal Court of Appeals reversed the conviction on a jury instruction error and remanded the case for a new trial.
  • State v. Defendant: Representation of client at the trial court level in which I put forth a defense of mitigation for a first time offender. Represented client in the appellate court and the Tennessee Criminal Court of Appeals reversed the sentence of the trial court and sentenced client to diversion. The Client is now able to have the charge expunged from her criminal record.
  • Successfully handled appeal that resulted in the reduction of client’s sentence on a second-degree murder case. This case was featured on A&E’s First 48 and After the First 48.
  • Oral argument in front of Criminal Tennessee Appellate Court in which the Court agreed that the trial court misapplied an enhancement factor for sentencing.
  • Motion to Suppress, based on search and seizure of vehicle, granted resulting in dismissal of client’s case.
  • Conducted numerous client and witness interviews on felony child abuse case that resulted in dismissal of client’s case and arrest of true perpetrator.
  • Extensively researched and drafted petition for post-conviction that was granted and resulted in a new sentencing hearing for the client.
  • Associated Counsel on federal obstruction of justice and wiretap case that resulted in a verdict of Not Guilty.
  • Numerous cases dismissed in general session’s criminal court and state criminal court due to thorough witness interviews and negotiation.

Whether you contact me for help at the beginning of the criminal process or near the end, I am equipped to handle your case. As a long-time Memphis resident, I consider it my vocation to defend members of this community zealously. Commit to making me your legal counselor today.

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