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Skillfully Navigating The Appellate Process

After a criminal trial has ended, defendants can pursue justice in appellate courts. Not all trial lawyers know how to pursue justice in higher court because the appellate process is different from the criminal process. As a result not all criminal defense attorneys are qualified to represent their clients at this level.

I am Vicki M. Carriker. I have over 18 years’ experience handling criminal appeals in state and federal court throughout western Tennessee. From my Memphis office, I have represented many clients for a range of criminal matters in appellate court. I draw on this background when I create strategies for handling this critical aspect of your criminal case.

When an appeal can affect your ultimate sentence or grant you a new trial, you need to retain an attorney who knows how to operate in this system.

Appellate Attorneys Offer Services Beyond Trial Advocacy

I will fight for you and ensure you get the best representation possible for your appellate process that includes the following:

  • Review your trial record for critical legal issues.
  • Research your legal issues and file a written brief to the Court of Appeals.
  • Review the state’s argument and submit a reply brief to rebut the state’s case.
  • Oral argument to the Court of Appeals.
  • If necessary, appeal your case to the Supreme Court.

Criminal appeals can often take up to a year or more for the entire appellate process. I will be there for you to explain the process and fight for your legal rights.

Work With A Lawyer Who Has A Record Of Success In Complex Matters

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