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Defending Clients Accused Of Family And Relationship Violence

If you are accused of assaulting, sexually assaulting or stalking your spouse or a family member, you could face serious criminal penalties and other consequences under Tennessee’s domestic violence laws.

I am a Memphis domestic violence defense lawyer serving clients in Shelby County and beyond. If you are facing criminal charges and protective order proceedings for alleged domestic abuse, I can protect your rights and make sure your side of the story is told.

Understanding The Potential Consequences Of Criminal Charges

Most domestic violence cases begin when someone — either someone in the household or an outside witness — calls the police about an alleged incident. Once the police arrive, they interview both parties and decide whether they believe either party is guilty of a crime.

The decision on whether or not to press charges is not up to the alleged victim, and trying to pressure that person is a very bad idea that can result in higher bond or a rearrest. – Vicki M. Carriker

Domestic violence is a broad category that includes a range of offenses, including assault, sexual assault and stalking. People convicted of the domestic versions of these offenses may face additional penalties and may permanently lose their right to own or possess firearms.

Taking Early Action To Defend Against Protective Order Requests

If you are accused of domestic violence, in addition to criminal charges, you may be facing protective order proceedings. A protective order, also known as a restraining order, can heavily restrict your right to access your own home and see members of your family.

Violating a protective order is a crime, so it is important to protect your rights at the outset by retaining experienced legal counsel. Ms. Carriker is prepared to effectively defend clients who have been accused of domestic violence, both in criminal court and in protective order proceedings.

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If you are facing domestic violence charges, it is important that you not talk to the police or attempt to contact the alleged victim before you consult with an attorney. To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation, please contact Carriker Law Office at 901-881-8913 or by email.