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Combating Drug Charges In State And Federal Courts

While many states throughout the nation are passing laws that decriminalize marijuana, Tennessee laws regarding this drug’s use and possession have not changed. Judges strictly enforce these statutes. Whether you are an out-of-state visitor or long-time resident, you will be responsible for paying fines and may face jail time depending on the type of drug charge you receive.

By law, you are entitled to defend against these charges in court. You also have the right to retain an attorney. You don’t have to face this challenge alone.

I am Vicki M. Carriker, criminal defense lawyer. I have helped hundreds of individuals charged with drug offenses in Memphis for over 18 years. Throughout my service as a trial lawyer, I have defended many good people who have made one mistake that can affect their lives for years. I use my legal experience to minimize the impact a misdemeanor or felony charge can have on your future.

At Your Side Throughout All Stages Of The Legal Process

My firm, Carriker Law Office, only handles criminal cases. As a result, I am equipped to represent my clients for a range of drug offenses, including:

In order to provide a comprehensive range of legal services, I also represent clients in drug court and other first-time offender programs, appeals and post-conviction matters. I will explore all legal options available to help you move on from your past mistakes.

As your legal ally, I am committed to promoting your best interests. Contact my office today.

Don’t Fight These Charges Alone. Partner With A Dedicated Attorney.

For your convenience you can email me or call me at 901-881-8913 to schedule your free, initial case review.