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Don’t Let A Mistake Lead To Legal Problems When You Are Pulled Over

During a traffic stop, a police officer ask your permission to search your car or read outgoing texts on your cellphone. They may suggest that it is in your best interest to give them access and threaten you when you don’t. What they won’t tell you is that the Fourth Amendment protects you against illegal searches and seizure. They count on your unfamiliarity with the law to help them build a criminal case that can affect your life for years.

I established my Memphis firm, Carriker Law Office, to help victims of Fourth Amendment violations obtain justice. A zealous criminal law attorney, I am dedicated to holding law enforcement accountable for breaking the law and infringing on your rights. For over 10 years, I have designed legal strategies that help my clients successfully fight a variety of criminal charges in Tennessee courts.

Protect Your Rights During A Police Search

Police officers are trained professionals. They know that there are strict guidelines that prevent them from taking evidence from car unless you give them permission.

You can combat the tactics law enforcement commonly uses to seize evidence by following these steps:

  1. Be respectful when you are interacting with police officers. Don’t give them a reason to arrest you and remove you from your car.
  2. If you were speeding or ran a red light, now is not the time to argue your case.
  3. Ask for a warrant if they ask to look in your vehicle.
  4. Contact your attorney to ensure that officers search only what is allowed.

If you suspect that your rights were violated when police pulled you over during a traffic stop, I will study your account for illegal activity. Individuals who are on probation may be searched without permission or a warrant. However, you may be able to get your charges reduced or thrown out if prosecutors attempt to use evidence that was illegally obtained.

When Police Officers Violate Your Rights, You Need An Aggressive Lawyer To Take Action.

Reach me, Vicki M. Carriker, to get started on building your case. I offer free, no-obligation consultations. Simply dial 901-881-8913 or complete my online intake form to arrange a meeting.