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Programs That Offer Offenders A Second Chance

Tennessee lawmakers, prosecutors and judges know that everyone makes mistakes. This is why judges have the authority to consider circumstances when determining an offender’s sentence: there are cases in which harsh penalties, such as incarceration, can create more problems than solutions.

If you are trying to navigate the criminal process without a legal background, you may not know that you may qualify for programs that provide alternatives to serving time in jail or prison.

As a criminal defense attorney, I make it my job to know about these programs, the qualifications required and the benefits attached to them. I am Vicki M. Carriker, long-time Memphis resident and driven lawyer. I take the role of advocate seriously. When you work with me, you can be certain that I will explore all options that may help you minimize the impact a criminal charge has on your life.

Negotiating On Your Behalf To Obtain The Best Solution For You

I have represented thousands of clients for felony and misdemeanor offenses. I am qualified to negotiate on your behalf so that you can enroll into these programs:

  • Diversion programs, including pretrial diversion and judicial diversion
  • Intensive supervision
  • Misdemeanor probation

Some of these programs allow inmates to leave jail early with proper supervision. For first-time offenders enrolled in Shelby County’s diversion program, successfully completing this type of probation can get their conviction expunged from their criminal record.

Shelby County has also established specialty courts such as mental health court and drug court. These programs help repeat offenders with substance abuse problems or mental health problems by targeting behaviors that lead to arrests. Completing these programs gives offenders the tools and resources they need so they can find success and contribute to society in positive ways.

Contact My Firm To Learn How You Can Benefit From These Court-Approved Programs

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