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Advocating For Those With Mental Health Problems

In Shelby County, many repeat offenders struggle with a seemingly endless battle when they are navigating the criminal justice system with mental health problems. These individuals may not be deterred by incarceration and fines because neither treats the underlying issue. Without skilled intervention, these offenders may develop patterns of behavior that are hard to change, leading to more arrests.

Having served as a criminal defense attorney in Memphis for over 18 years, I have represented defendants who have mental health issues that stem from substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other conditions. As their advocate, I have sought out solutions that truly promote their long-term interests.

I routinely work with prosecutors and judges so that my clients can receive rehabilitation and contribute positively to the community when they complete their programs.

Fighting So That You Have A Second Chance

When you partner with me, I will identify the court-approved options that can help you or a loved one stop the dangerous cycle that encourages criminal acts and leads to convictions. Based on your unique circumstances, you may benefit from these programs:

  • Mental health court
  • Veterans court
  • Drug court
  • The Jericho Project

Offenders who qualify to participate in these programs or have their case heard in specialty courts, gain access to resources that help them recognize the triggers that may lead to unlawful acts. Group sessions that are a component of these programs help to build relationships that support participants and encourage accountability.

It’s difficult to benefit from these options if you are representing yourself in court or have hired a Tennessee lawyer who is unfamiliar with these alternative remedies. To work with an attorney who examines all opportunities, contact me, Vicki M. Carriker.

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