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Advising Clients On The Post-Conviction Process

If you have exhausted all of your trial and appeal rights, you still have another option to fight your case. You can file a post-conviction. A post-conviction fights the validity of your guilty plea or the effectiveness of your attorney at trial. It is a critical aspect of the criminal process.

Not all criminal defense lawyers offer post-conviction services. I do. I am Vicki M. Carriker, Memphis attorney. I represent my clients at all stages of the criminal process in state, federal and appellate courts.

Did your original attorney thoroughly advise you of your rights to trial? Did your attorney effectively defend you at trial? Did your attorney raise important and critical appeal issues? Did the attorney’s inaction result in your guilty plea or conviction?

These are the questions raised during your petition for post-conviction. At Carriker Law Office, I analyze the circumstances surrounding your case with a special focus on your lawyer’s representation. I use the answers I find to support my claims in court.

Taking The Necessary Steps To Ensure You Receive Justice

If you hire me for your post-conviction, the following will occur:

  • Review of the trial or guilty plea record
  • Review discovery provided by the state
  • Review of the original attorney’s file
  • Interview of any potential witnesses, state or defense
  • Review any appellate briefs filed on the case
  • Research legal issues for post-conviction petition
  • File a petition for post-conviction relief
  • Hearing before the court
  • If petition denied, appeal of the denial to the appellate court

When you retain my services, I will thoroughly review and research your case and fight for your post-conviction rights.

Handling Post-Conviction Cases Throughout Western Tennessee

Contact my staff online or call 901-881-8913 to arrange your free, no-obligation case evaluation.